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My name is Christopher Kennedy, When I was young I remember spending hours looking at show boxes full of my parents 4x6's and National Geographic magazines. I was captivated by the stories and the different places my mind could venture off to when looking at photos. When I graduated middle school my parents awarded me with my first camera, a Canon Rebel 2000. Shooting rolls of film quickly became obsolete with the advent of digital cameras. When I graduated High School, I was given a Canon Rebel XT.


With luck and a maybe a little skill, I was fortunate enough to photograph for Paris Hilton, Ronaldinho, Sony, Verizon, IKEA, Disneyland, and The United States Marine Corps. My camera also took me to various amazing locations and sometimes put me in some dangerous situations. 


Everywhere I go, in one form or another, there is a camera by my side.

- Christopher Kennedy

Questions ?

Every photographic adventure is unique. If you want to collaborate, send me a message.